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Van Gogh was not unappreciated in his lifetime, myth-busting letter shows


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Van Gogh was not unappreciated in his lifetime, myth-busting letter shows

By Hannah Furness



Vincent van Gogh, Self Portrait with Bandaged Ear. 1889


He has been held up as a quintessential artist unappreciated in his own lifetime, a tortured genius selling just a solitary painting before his suicide.


In fact, Vincent Van Gogh was beginning to gain recognition earlier than previously thought, according to new research, as an expert identifies a major exhibition starring his work visited by none other than the French president.


Martin Bailey, an author and curator, found a letter from Van Gogh’s brother Theo which he believes will help overturn the “myth that Van Gogh was ignored” in his lifetime.


Far from being entirely unappreciated, it suggests, the artist’s work was viewed in 1890, four months before his death, by French president Sadi Carnot who proclaimed himself “rather amazed” by the exhibition.


Full Story: https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2018/08/27/van-gogh-not-unappreciated-lifetime-myth-busting-letter-shows/

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Interesting that such letter was found only now.
I assume the exhibition was a group exhibition, not a personal exhibition, and without further information it is difficult to say whether the Author / Curator is giving his personal opinion about the career of van Gogh, or whether it was an exception to the rule to have that many works on a group-exhibition. Also, the President apparently did not mention what artist had amazed him.
In any case, an interesting article. 
Luckily many of Van Gogh's works were preserved, and we can go look at the amazing compositions.

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