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USA To UK Spouse Visa- Urgent Help Needed

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I am a british citizen applying under Category G for my husband's spouse visa.


Can I combine limited company earnings in 2017 with self employed earnings in 2018 and take average of last two financial years under Category G ?


We were advised to do so by out accountant, we have submitted online application however now I am concerned whether we have done the right thing ?


All immediate advise would be greartly appreciated

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When my wife applied for settlement visa I sent the PDF of the financial guidance to my accountant to get him to interpret it and create my accounts to apply for the visa. He charged £100 for the bedtime reading etc but it was money well spent. If you did the same as me and gave a copy of the guidance to your accountant and he/she did the same as mine, surely you should be ok?


I know you can aggregate the last two years if you are self employed but I can’t answer your question I'm afraid but no doubt somebody on here will pitch in to help.

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