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Advice needed - extension possible or new visa required

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I am attending Thai University for a Masters, I have been getting year long extensions on my visa.  I will be taking a three month break from Thailand for a training course, I will still remain enrolled at university and will return in 2019.  My question is what I need to do in regards to my extension.  My Visa extension will expire in 5th November when I am away.  Can I apply now for a new extension or will I need to apply for a new visa?  Thanks

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You could apply for a new extension before leaving if you are still enrolled in the University if they will supply the supporting documents for it.

You can apply for the extension up to 30 days or 45 days at some offices. 

You would need a re-entry permit to keep it valid when you return.

I you are unable to get the extension you would need to get a new non-ed visa before returning.

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