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Thai woman arrested for offering illegal work in South Korea


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Thai woman arrested for offering illegal work in South Korea



Image: Sanook

Police in Bangkok have arrested the admin of a popular Facebook page for allegedly enticing Thai people to work illegally in South Korea. 
Chief of Met 1 police Maj-Gen Senit Samransamruatkit said that Suttha-orn Sutthithon-orn was running the website "Work in South Korea by Jadezy". 
She denies the charges. 
Senit said that people going to the site were offered jobs in traditional massage, farming and restaurants. Good pay and conditions were promised and people were told not to worry about the law in overstaying their visas. 
Fees of 25-30,000 baht were taken from each application for job placements, he said, adding that the site had been operating for four months. 
Sanook said that 50,000 Thais are believed to be working illegally in South Korea after going over on tours. 
Some ten other websites are currently under investigation. 
Thaivisa notes that earlier this year the authorities in South Korea had called on the Thai government to act in the matter as they were being swamped by illegal Thai workers. 
Source: Sanook
-- © Copyright Thai Visa News 2018-09-15
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I'm actually stunned South Korea still allows visa free travel.

I think a lot of us know at least one person, if not more working illegally in South Korea, either on a farm or in 'massage' parlour.

The only thing that shocked me about this was that they only estimate 50,000

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6 hours ago, RickFarang said:

How can Thai authorities convict somebody for encouraging others to break the laws of another country? Are there any laws on the books that address this?


I am greatly puzzled.

It's called human trafficking!!

In this case she was taking money to help them travel and work in S.Korea & overstay visa's.

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So, the majority of them do this.

It's an increasingly unofficial network, and predominantly women

Lady A from the village will post in facebook about the good life in GaoLi(South Korea)

Lots of online chat, arranges some work.

Enters on a visa exemption, never goes home

It's not exactly rocket science to understand

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I worked in Korea for several years. My wife was with me on a spouse visa. We'd see Thai girls out shopping, and they'd all get talking. Most are little more than slaves, sex slaves for many. Their boss keeps their passports locked up and they're allowed out 1 day a week. They're charged for everything and a debt is put on them that is very difficult to pay off due to both its burden and the interest charged. They're locked in the massage parlour or whatever and forced to work massive hours. 


It's very sad and every one we met wanted to go home. 


The Korean police don't care until they're pressured. Much like Thai cops. Brown people are at the bottom of the list in K Land. 

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Arrest her for human trafficking.
Too many Thai people believe that they can make a fortune in other countries - and then at least some of them end up in some very bad places.

The other side of the story!

“ very bad places “?

I thought so myself until a Thai friend told me he wanted to go to South Korea to work there at a poultry farm but did not have the money to pay the “broker”.

I told him that this is a dangerous game they take your money and you don’t know what is going to happen once you get there after all you are illegally in that country at the mercy of people you don’t know.

He told me it is safe and well paid as he is in contact with a family member via an internet app who works there since 4 years now.

The Thais working illegally there are being well treated, housed and fed by the owner of the poultry farm and not once there was a problem with pay.

The opposite is the case - the “commission” for the broker was 60.000 Baht he had to pay 30.000 up front and the rest was deducted from his salary at 10.000 for the first 3 month.

While he started out with a monthly salary of 40.000 Baht in his first year - he is now earning 70.000 Baht a month.

Needles to say he now supports the entire family back in Thailand and earns more than he could ever dream of here - of course he misses his family and once he would return he would of course be black listed in South Korea so they try to stay as long as possible.

It is Thailand that benefits most from these illegal workers abroad - they send all their money back to support their families!

And blaming brokers here in Thailand alone is a bit ridiculous - it always takes 2 to tango - the people who employ illegal workers as well as the illegal workers.

The real issue here is that consecutive Thai governments should be ashamed of themselves that their citizens have to find illegal work in other countries to earn a decent salary!

The friends family is of course your typical case of indebted farmers who’s children never got a proper education because the family was dirt poor struggling to survive day by day.

They are honest hardworking people who never got a break in life for the lack of education, support and opportunities provided by their own country.

Of course they don’t see it that way because they got the same brainwashing everybody did here in their early years and I often have to hide my anger when they try to defend a country that has done nothing but absolutely nothing for them when it comes to education and job opportunities to make a decent living.

The have been struggling not only to make ends meet all their life most of the time not even able to bring enough food on the table for their children.

It is sad that the only lucky break they got in life was to send a family member abroad to work illegally to support the family.

No wonder these agencies strife - people are in contact with each other and hear about these opportunities of a lifetime.

What do the Thai authorities do ? They arrest them!
I don’t want to defend these “brokers” but they fill a need and as long as they offer proper jobs with proper wages and conditions it is a win win situation.

The government should talk to the South Korean government about an amnesty for illegal Thai workers and employ them legally - obviously they are needed in jobs the Koreans don’t want to do themselves.

But it is of course easier to arrest the brokers than to create legal opportunities for families at the mercy of these brokers.

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1 hour ago, boonrawdcnx said:


The other side of the story!

“ very bad places “?

I thought so myself until a Thai friend told me he wanted to go to South Korea to work there at a poultry farm but did not have the money to pay the “broker”.
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One of my factory manager also went to work in Korea, she was getting paid over 40,000 per month doing farming work, picking fruits or some sort. She went on a tourist visa, and only plans to go for a couple years.


So it sounds like most non sexual work, the workers do get paid and treated well. Because korean laws are strict, if locals get caught they will be in big trouble, so most treat workers well so they don't get reported, its a win win for everyone.


I believe korea also doesn't fine people who over stay too.

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Obviously some Thais are happy over there (and in other countries) and they make money. Fine for them.

Over time I spoke with a couple of Thais, or their family members, who wanted to work illegally in a foreign country. And it seems often the people just don't know anything about that country, the work, the conditions they have to work and live in, etc.

If they are lucky then all is fine. But unfortunately for some people it's not fine. And they ended up in those places because brokers told them "no problem, you will make a lot of money" but they didn't talk about the risk.

Personally, before I moved to Thailand, I studies lots of details about the country. I wanted to come here and work here but I had my plan B in case things didn't work as expected. Worst case I would have flown back to my home country (I had the ticket) with the experience which does not work.

But it seems many Thais don't have any plan B. If anything goes wrong they are in deep trouble.

Is it worth it? I don't know, I would think twice about the things which can go wrong.

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On 9/15/2018 at 4:39 AM, flyingtlger said:

Only the tip of the iceberg....

Absolutely and one person registered as living in my village offers this and has been allowed to do so for the last 4 years.  Of course it costs each desperate person  currently 82,000 baht (flights and 3 months accommodation) which has to be repaid over their first 3 months so I am told,   "picking onions" in S Korea.

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