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Financial Management as a last resort.

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I am thinking of the worst case scenario where I will become incapacitated and unable to manage my superannuation transfers each month from Australia in the future. At present I am with Bankwest in Western Australia and their only options are International Money Transfers which I must complete, scan and email and wait for a phone call that requires twenty questions, use my credit card in credit and set up an auto transfer from my bank account to my credit card with my super and withdraw that way or simply use my credit card and wear the costs of being in debit. Both credit card options have the problem of fees and low exchange rates.

I need an automatic system which allows money to come from my super to my bank account here, but it seems my super must go into my Australian bank account. If I am forced to use the credit card option and keep it in credit, yes there is no interest charge, but a new credit card is reissued every five years and the auto transfer has to be set up again.

Bankwest will not allow me to transfer via internet banking as an SMS has to go to my Australian phone, which I don't have now I live here and I do not have an Australian address any longer. I also do not believe my family or friends have to help in such a situation as it was my choice to make the move.

So Australians, have you thought about this because I need a way for my Thai partner to manage all these irregularities should the worst ever happen? I am not sure my partner would cope with the processes. I was thinking of preparing an information sheet explaining all the issues that could arise, ie health insurance, 90 day reporting, visa extension and new passport application, just to name a few of the issues to deal with.

Ideas and suggestions would be appreciated from those from Australia.

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