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Mae Sot Border Run

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I have a METV which expires on 24 November 2018 (Valid Until date). I plan to cross into Myawaddy on this day and come back to Mae Sot for another 60 days, which will take me to 22 January 2019. I have a flight to Australia on the 18 February 2019. My question is: Will I be able to do a border run to Myawaddy on the 22 January and be issued with another 30 Days at Mae Sot. I remember reading some time back that this was not permitted at Mae Sot. Does anyone have any recent similar experience?  If I can't do a run to Myawaddy, will I be able to get an extension (1900 Baht) from Mae Sot Immigration?

Appreciate your help.

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Mae Sot is allowing crossings for a visa exempt entry now.

You could certainly get a 30 day extension at the local immigration office where you are staying.

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