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Go Eco Phuket clean-up nets a ton of rubbish at Coral Island


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Go Eco Phuket clean-up nets a ton of rubbish at Coral Island

By The Phuket News



The Go Eco Phuket underwater clean-up at Koh Hei (Coral Island) on Saturday (Sept 15) netted more than 1,000kg of garbage. Photo: Go Eco Phuket


PHUKET:-- A mass underwater and beach clean-up by Go Eco Phuket, local tour operators, students and officials on Saturday (Sept 15) saw literally a ton of rubbish removed from the popular dive sites around Koh Hei (Coral Island) alone.


The cleanup, which started at 7am and involved cooperation from the Royal Thai Navy Third Area Command and officials from the Department of Marine and Coastal Resources (DMCR) Phuket office, focussed solely on Koh Hei.


The island, which lies just southeast of Phuket, has suffered heavy environmental pressure from mass tourism in recent years as a popular day-trip destination to 800-1,000 tourists a day arriving from Phuket.


Full Story: https://www.thephuketnews.com/go-eco-phuket-clean-up-nets-a-ton-of-rubbish-at-coral-island-68660.php#ooBlzIQI3CObIAH0.97

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