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Retired after working in Thailand and want to continue your medical benefits?


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I worked for 7 and 1/2 years when I left that job I simply went down to Social Security in Laem Chabang. About 45 minutes in their office they paid me out approximately 55000 baht which was what I had paid in I assume to the Social Security fund and more importantly enrolled me to continue getting my medical benefits for approximately 450 Baht per month deducted from one of my bank accounts great no problems life is good. I then went back to work they stopped deducting the 450 baht simply because I was again paying through my employer. I worked 5 years at which time I decided it was time to retire. So off to Laem Chabang Social Security Office once again. No problem arranging for my refund to be put into my bank account as they don't pay cash anymore which they did when I first receive my first payout. I told the clerk I wanted to continue to pay for and keep my insurance. I was told can not do if I do not have a yellow book for my condo. New rules I was told.


As I own my own condo a trip to city hall with the ownership papers was all I needed to obtain my yellow book WRONG.


I was told of many things that I had to do in order to get the yellow book. So I contacted an attorney actually 2 of them and they both said good luck getting the yellow book won't happen.


a group of guys I have coffee with every Sunday one of them went through the same thing at Laem Chabang he talked to everybody including the top person in the office and they told him those are new regulations there's nothing they can do.


He contacted Bangkok they told him to try another location they had never heard of this another case of the left hand not knowing what the right hand is doing. So he went out to the Social Security Office in rayong 15 minutes later he came out insured everything taken care of. This morning I did exactly the same and had the same outcome the office staff there knew nothing about the yellow book this was all news to them. So if anybody in the Pattaya area and is in the process of retiring and wanting to keep their insurance and you don't have a yellow book do yourself a favor and go out to rayong they were friendly fast and efficient your mileage may vary but this is my experience if this even helps one person it's worth the post


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