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iPad Pro "Download"


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My i Pad Pro started a download, upgrade of system, then Download Failed and iPad has 'Stuck' on pad on the Black Download page with just the Apple sign and a tiny dot on the download bar.

Photo of screen iPad Pro 'Stuck' during update.

Any ideas ?



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Pressing on the start button on lower panel did nothing.

So I left the iPad on and it was still On at midnight when I went to Hong Nam but by my next visit 03.00 the battery was finished, no power. 

I tried removing the SIm card but made no differance.

I connected power and then had the image below showing a 'Lightning Cable' and when connected to my iMac I got the warning label, telling me iPad needed 'Updating or restored'. After say 10 mins I then got on my iMac, the 'iPad could not be updated unknown error(4013)'.

Pressing Start button has no effect so now I am stuck for answers, will visit local shop when the open later this morning.






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Gents Success.

I Followed 'More info' in the photo above.

Then followed instructions and now I have after setting up in Manual Mode.

john Bye

Till the next time !


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