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Hospital for post cancer operation treatment


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Has anybody a hospital recommendation for post cancer operation treatment (Prostate Cancer): 1. Radiation 2. Palliative Care / Pain relief

The info is for preparatory purposes and I will be based in Pattaya. Government hospitals are fine since I have had previous experiences with the exorbitant bills of Private Hospitals.

Are any hospitals in Thailand specialized and how much would it probably cost ?

A considerable time ago Chulalongkorn Hospital in BKK was mentioned but the situation might look different today.

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Chula is still your best option for a govt hospital - that or Siriraj, but Siriraj is more of a trip.


Government cancer hospital is also an option. http://www.nci.go.th/en/service/index.html


But of the two I would favor Chula. For radiation treatment, try to see Prof. Nopadol Asavametha there through their after hours clinic.


Be forewarned that the quality of palliative care in Thailand is unusually poor, If you are in a situation where palliative care is what is needed I would think twice about coming here vs staying in your home country, to be frank. If you must get palliative care in Thailand it will usually be of a better order if gotten at a private hospital, especially if it is on an outpatient basis. It will cost more, but you will be spared quite a lot of discomfort and even outright  humiliation (e.g: long wiats for refills, very limited amounts of meds given at a time and urine drug tests to prove you aren't selling your pain meds. Seriously). The key is to be under the primary care of a palliative specialist. There are some good ones at Bangkok Hospital in Bangkok  as follows:






This one at Samitivej Sukhumvit in Bangkok is also good






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Thanks a lot for this helpful info, Sheryl. Lets hope I do not need palliative care, but I really thank you again for the time and care of providing this info which may be so important. Extremely appreciated.



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