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what happen with Non -Imm O if their dependen Non -Imm B been cancel

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Dear Thai visa expert...

I am currently on a Non-Imm B extension based on employment.
On Process moving to another job shortly, been cancel my old Work permit and apply for a new WP for New company , expected will finish before grace period time.
Then I will apply extension 1 year visa.

I have some doubt for my family visa (Non -Imm O), that dependent on my Old visa, 
did they visa's directly expired as well ?

if yes.. how to extend their visa ? ( at moment my family out of thailand ) , or

I need to apply a new Non -Imm O before they coming back to Thailand ?


Thanks you a lot for any share of knowledge of this.



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If your family members are on a extensions of stay based upon yours theirs will end on the same day yours ends. If they were here they could apply for new extensions on the same day you apply for your new extension.

If the are out of the country they would need to apply for new non-o visas before returning to here. You would have to send them copies of your new extension, passport photo page and any other supporting documents the embassy or consulate required.

Their re-entry permits would be still be valid but they would not want to use them. If they used them for entry they could be charged for an overstay when they went to apply for new extensions from the date they entered the country.

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