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Sand Or Grit Blasting In CM?


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Same process but different, at Don Chan right under all the flyovers a small mirror shop.

The guy does sand blasting to etch glass designs.

He has a dedicated room with his breathing apparatus.

I think he is worth an ask and 5minutes from you.

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Thanks, Eyecatcher.  What's the right way to approach the place you're describing?  I could drive around that intersection for hours trying to find the right slip road - miss the slip road and you have to go half way to Lamphun to turn round!  A GPS reference would work for me.

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I am not good at gps stuff, so I will describe where to look.

coming from the city on the Lamphun highway, go past the Promenada/airport exit.

Continue another km until you approach the Hang dong exit.

At this point easier to come off but take the parallel slip road to the main highway and dont follow Hang dong (from global house follow to thai watsadu....its the same slip road)

Almost at the point where tge slip road rejoins tge highway to thai watsadu the mirror shop is on the left.

I once went the main road but its set back before the two roads merge so had to reverse.

Easy to miss but its what i call a good find.

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