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Mauritius getting Non-B visa to Thailand

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We have a Mauritius employee in Laas and having an on-arrival visa on hand.

We need him to work at the company in BKK, Thailand.

  • Where can this Mauritius employee get a Non-B visa? Which we need for further proceed of Work Permit.
  • Can he get from the Consular in Mauritius?
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I am not aware of their requirements for the non-b visa. Normal time to get a visa a most locations is at the most 3 days.

General requirements for a non-b visa are here. http://www.mfa.go.th/main/en/services/4908/15388-Non-Immigrant-Visa-"B"-(for-Business-and.html

One of the requirements if working for a company is a WP3 work permit application receipt or a work permit application approval letter.

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13 hours ago, Jutarmast said:

Now we get that only South Africa can issue Non-Immigrant visa for Mauritius. Do we need to flight to South Africa to submit documents and proceed on this matter? If so, how long it would take for approval?

Is the consulate stating that?

The Pretoria website states 3 days for a visa to be issued. There requirements are here. http://www.thaiembassy.org/pretoria/en/services/29812-Non-Immigrant-Visa.html

Where is he at now?

If in Mauritius he could get a tourist visa and then if he and your company can qualify he could apply for a non immigrant visa at immigration.

Requirements for a change of visa status are here. https://www.immigration.go.th/content/service_72

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The problem is that Mauritius is on the list of countries that must apply for visas in their home country or country of legal residence. It may be that the embassy in South Africa is the designated embassy for there.

The embassy in Kuala Lumpur  does state a application can be done if the documents but it will take up to 4 weeks for approval. See: http://www.thaiembassy.org/kualalumpur/contents/images/text_editor/files/listed country 2018_2.pdf

I can recall a post by member sending the documents to them prior to being in Malaysia. You could contact them about it.

Their visa page is here: http://www.thaiembassy.org/kualalumpur/th/services/72043-ตรวจลงตรา-|-Visa.html





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