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Baby Born in Thailand


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I am from the UK and I'm thinking about my baby boy's name who will be born in Thailand with a Thai Father (My husband). I have heard that the surname name has to be his fathers surname not that its a bad thing but I am also thinking about my family's name. Does anyone know if this is correct ?

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What I would consider, as best you can, is your child's future. Where would you expect them to grow up?


With my children it was obvious that they would be growing up in Thailand. So the choice was either my very non-Thai surname or their mother's Thai surname. I figured that in Thailand they would be better served with a Thai surname.


In the end they got a carefully chosen, very British first name (that can also be spoken by Thai people) and their mother's Thai surname.


That worked well for us and I still firmly believe we made the right decision for our children, based on where they were going to be living.


That's just how we did it. You might see it differently. 

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