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Big Blue to bulk up its digital services in Laos

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Big Blue to bulk up its digital services in Laos

By Asina Pornwasin 
The Nation Weekend 



Nattaorn Sanudomchok


THAI-BASED out of home media agency Big Blue aims to this year become a digital media agency and offer what it calls a total digital marketing service in Laos. 


Nattaorn Sanudomchok, founder and chief executive officer of Big Blue, said that the company this year is expanding to offer total digital marketing services to its customers, which are brands targeting consumers in Laos. 


Nattaorn started Big Blue in Laos more than a decade ago as an out of home media agency. She has been successful in expanding her business in Laos day by day to the point that it has become the market leader in the country.

 “Now Big Blue is one of the leading media agencies in Laos,” said Nattaorn.


The company’s main customer base, at around 80 per cent of the total, are large corporations from Thailand that are targeting customers in Laos. Some 20 per cent are companies, such as UnionPay, operating in Laos and other countries in Southeast Asia. Its customers in Laos also include Vietnamese media agencies operating in that country .


Currently, the core business of Big Blue is out of home media, followed by public relations and advertising services. The growth in digital services in Laos prompted the company to expand its services to cover the online and digital landscapes. The company has joined with partners to offer digital services, including digital signage solutions and digital marketing services in Laos. 


 “Around 70 per cent of our revenue comes from out of home media, while 30 per cent come from PR and adverting equally,” said Nattaorn.


The company’s 2019 direction is to maintain growth in out of home media, while expanding to online media.  


Big Blue partnered with Nextsys Network Limited (Thailand), a digital signage system developer, and SLT Network (Laos), a Lao Internet service provider, to offer digital signage advertising services, Wi-Fi advertising and digital e-business application services. The move is aimed at connecting out of home media to online platforms to facilitate brands’ advertising going through the end-user/consumer journey, which is undertaken seamlessly through online-to-offline (O2O) channels, Nattaorn said.


Digital signage also helps create the Big Data of customer information required by brands. The company plans to install digital signage advertising solutions in more than 50 locations in Vientiane in the first three months of 2019. It plans to increase this number to 200 locations by the end of 2019.


Nattaorn said that, according to Facebook, around 2 million people in Laos are online, out of a population of 3.8 million.


The company has partnered with DotMatter to provide digital marketing and digital PR services to its customers.


Source: http://www.nationmultimedia.com/detail/Startup_and_IT/30361658


-- © Copyright The Nation 2019-01-05
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6 hours ago, topt said:

From the title I thought this was to do with IBM..........:whistling:

Me, too.   Then as I scrolled down to read it, that photo threw me for a loop.

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