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What is required to get a extention?

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This has me very upset I think it is really messed up I was required to have a round trip airline ticket to apply for a Thai visa. I should have posted earlier here’s my story I wanted to spend 90 days in Thailand my travel agent set me up with airfare. My worry was if I buy the ticket what guarantee do I have to get a 30 day extension if I came here on a 60 day visa. My travel agent said we have a company that works on getting visas and they can get you a 90 day visa I said well that’s great.  I being me I wanted everything done early so I wouldn’t have to worry about it at the last minute the days I wanted were 21 Dec 2018 to 20 Mar 2019. I got my passport back from the visa agent the dates on visa were 06 Nov 2018 to 05 Feb 2019 the Application for the visa and my prepaid airfare stated 21 Dec to 20 Mar. So the visa agent said they would redo it for free and sent all the paper work back closer to my departure day ok fine of course I had to pay the Thai consulate fee again. The second attempt wasn’t any better I was due to fly out of Seattle Washington on the 21 of Dec I wanted to spend a few days there it’s a three day drive for me to get there from where I live I have family and friends there. I get my passport back the day I wanted to start my trip with a 90 day visa with the dates of 11 Dec 2018 to 10 Mar 2019. I had to change my airline ticket and it cost me $150.00 USD to have it changed to leave Thailand on the 10th of March to avoid being on over stay. After 27 hrs of flying half way around the world I land at swampy airport and the gommer at the desk said he gave me a sixty stay and I would have to go to my nearest immigration office to get a 30 day extension. I have not a clue of were that would be let alone were I am at in Bangkok has me is all I know.  I hate to play stupid and take a chance and ignore the stamp admitted on 21 Dec 2018 till 18 Feb 2019 when on the next page has my visa end date of 10 Mar 2019. Any suggestion on what day in Feb I need to go and get this done by and what is needed to extended would be help full thanks for reading.



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Obviously neither you nor your "travel agent" had much clue about what you are doing. There was no need to get a second visa.

But it's interesting to see that it's possible to just get two tourist visas, so it's still possible to have something like a "double entry tourist visa", i didn't know this is possible.


As the previous poster said already, you have to get a 30 day extension before your current permit to stay ends (18th february)

Here is explained what you need. If you are in Bangkok search for "Immigration: Government Complex" on Google Maps, there you have to go: https://www.google.com/maps/place/Immigration:+Government+Complex/@13.8795175,100.5641897,15z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x0:0xe2cc4a5263fad687!8m2!3d13.8795175!4d100.5641897



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You (and the agent it would seem) are misunderstanding the difference between the validity of the visa and the permission to stay granted when you enter.


The visa is valid for 3 months from the date it is issued. These are not the dates you are allowed to stay in the country, but the dates (3 month window) you must make your one entry to the country within. In your case your visa expires on March 10th. That means you must enter on or before that date. You could have used the first visa.


The visa allows the immigration officer to give you a maximum of 60 days stay whenever you enter the country. So when you entered on December 21st the IO gave you until February 18th (60 days).


The rules allow you to extend your 60 day stay by another 30 days. You can apply for that extension at a local immigration office within the last week of your 60 day stay, which will cost 1,900 baht. The extension will be from February 19th until March 20th, and will  cover your stay ending on March 10th.



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