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Working group on new border gates formed


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The Interior Ministry yesterday formed a working group to conduct a feasibility study on opening new border checkpoints between Cambodia and neighbouring countries. Interior Minister Sar Kheng appointed ten senior officials to the working group to study and discuss the matter, according to a letter signed by him yesterday.


He also said that the officials are to visit and examine locations where the border gates can be set up in line with agreements that Cambodia has with neighbouring countries. “Their task is to discuss and negotiate with parties from neighbouring countries in order to boost the process of establishing new border crossings,” Mr Kheng said in the letter.


Sok Phal, a ministry secretary of state who was designated to lead the working group, yesterday said that they will be starting their task soon and study possible locations for border crossings between the country and Thailand, Laos and Vietnam. He added that opening more border checkpoints with neighbouring countries will boost trade activities at the borders, improve the transportation of goods and reduce costs.


read more https://www.khmertimeskh.com/50567092/working-group-on-new-border-gates-formed/


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