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dual US/Italian citizen full of tv switching passports

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Hello, I've been in Thailand since Feb 2018, to date I have had 3 60+30 tourists visas and multiple visa exempt entries.

I worry if I do another visa run to Laos and apply for a visa at the embassy, I will be denied, so I wish to switch over to my Italian passport.

I was told by a visa company that I couldn't do that in Laos. and he suggested flying to Kuala Lumpur or Singapore.

but gave little other information surrounding that.

AP=American Passport

IP= Italian Passport

the plan is as follows

book a same-day round trip flight on my AP

    upon leaving show AP at the ticket counter

    show AP at passport control

    show AP upon boarding


stay in the KL Airport and not go through customs.

show AP boarding flight to BKK


    upon entering Thailand show IP entering Thai passport control

    cross my fingers


issues I'm worried about...

Upon leaving Thailand the airport ticket desk gives me my ticket and sees that I have too many stamps and creating issues seeing its a same-day round trip ticket.

Upon reentering Thailand, the passport control agent runs my name and photo, and sees that there is a very similar looking American with too many visas under the same name. and then the questioning begins

upon reentering Thailand, the passport control agent asks to see my ticket and notices the ticket and the passport he's holding don't match, and then the questioning begins




if anybody has any advice or experience doing the same. I would very much appreciate your help,

my current visa expires on the 14th of January, I really should have solved this earlier.


Nervously saying thank you,









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