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Chiang Mai immigration process explained ???

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Can anyone explain the process for applying to extending your temporary visa at the new (old) office by the airport. 


How early do you have to get there.

How long do you have to wait to get a queue number.

How long do the queue numbers take.


I haven't been able to get a clear picture after sifting through page after page of posts regarding experiences at the new office.


Any information is appreciated.

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21 minutes ago, themerg said:

3 times slower than last year at Promenada.

Well for me, it was 3 times faster.


I went down before Christmas, just to see.  It was about 10.30.  There were 6 people waiting in the queue.  I went for myself on Friday after New Year.  I got there about 9.20, one person at the counter and I was next.  I was in and out in 20 minutes.  Forgot, went for a 30 day visa.

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I mail mine two weeks in advance and have Thai tracking from the post office. I went yesterday myself for the renewal of my annul retirement. I arrived about 8:30 no line and was  giving a ticket upon Information review in a few moments. I was called up the window after a five minutes. Last year at Promenada I went in at 6:00 and was called up at 4:00.

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Much quicker for me too. Went the Monday after New Year for a one year retirement extension. Arrived at 7.20 and out by 9.10.

They seem to start actually working at about 7.00 am now.

They won't give you a queue number unless you have the completed application and supporting documents for them to check, so it pays to be prepared and go with them already completed and signed. Otherwise, extension forms are available from a small table at the top right of the stairs up to the main entrance.

When you arrive, there is an information desk right inside the main entrance. Hand them your documents and they will give them a quick once over and then give you a number for the appropriate queue. If they are busy and there is a queue for the information desk, an officer may come down the line, checking papers and handing out queue numbers.

You will be very unlucky indeed if it takes so much as half as long as Promenada, let alone three times.

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