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Banpu Infinergy ‘powers up’ 13 remote schools in Tak


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Banpu Infinergy ‘powers up’ 13 remote schools in Tak

By The Nation



Banpu Infinergy staff explained about solar energy generation system for learning to students at Ban Mae Toh Kee school, one of the 13 school members under Light Light and Learn


Following the motto “learning is the power of change and development”, Banpu Infinergy Co Ltd, a provider of solar-energy solutions and a subsidiary of Banpu Public Co Ltd, initiated a CSR project called “Light and Learn”, which is now in its second year.


The project aims to create learning opportunities for young students at 13 hilltribe community learning centres in Mae Fah Luang in Tak province that are remote and lack electricity. Apart from installing solar-energy systems, the company has also provided satellite dishes and televisions, so students have greater access to knowledge.


Banpu Infinergy has, so far, provided solar power at 37 schools.


“Banpu Infinergy considers the importance of energy in improving teaching, learning and quality of life, especially in remote areas.


Installing solar-energy systems helps move the Light and Learn project forward, and gives students access to learning channels and provides surrounding communities with power,” Kanokwan Jitchobtham, managing director of Banpu Infinergy, said. 


“This aligns with the company’s commitment to empower people and allows communities to gain easy access to renewable energy. In the future, we will expand this project to other remote areas in order to promote learning and boost the quality of life for all.”


Pojanart Nukoonkham, deputy director of the Office of Non-Formal and Informal Education (NFE), said: “Previously, schools under our project did not have electricity. By installing the solar-energy system and providing important instructional media like TV, students’ horizons have broadened and now teachers can rely on educational channels like ETV to help with distance learning. 


“The Banpu Infinergy team explored the area and has been installing the solar-energy system for schools since 2017.”


Linda Kongsuksompong, a teacher at Ban Mae Toh Kee school, said: “This will broaden the horizons for students as they will be able to watch channels like Discovery. It will also help them grow to be citizens who can move the nation forward in the future.” 


Source: http://www.nationmultimedia.com/detail/national/30363028



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