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Amnat Charoen: Murder charge for 18 year old mother who put her newborn in a bin bag


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Murder charge for 18 year old mother who put her newborn in a bin bag
Picture: Thai Rath
Police in Amnat Charoen have filed murder charges against an 18 year student after she gave birth in the toilets of a clinic and put her baby in a bin bag and dumped it in trash.
She was caught on CCTV. 
"Nok" told investigators after she was detained that no one knew that she was pregnant and she went to the clinic for a blood test but unexpectedly gave birth in the toilets. 
She said she cut the umbilical cord with a knife she had with her then cradled the baby that she then dropped. 
She stuffed the remains of the cord and placenta down the toilet and believing the baby to be dead went in search of a bin bag. 
She then disposed of her child. 
An autopsy found that the baby had died of lack of oxygen - perhaps from being enclosed in the tied up plastic bin bag.
A relative said that Nok lived with them while her parents were working in Bangkok. They had no idea she was pregnant. 
The father was a 17 year old boy and Nok initially planned to have the baby born elsewhere. 
She has been charged with murder and detained. 
Source: Thai Rath
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Some mothers spend $thousands for IVF treatment and others throw new borns in the trash. It really is a ****ed up world.

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What a tragedy, an innocent newborn  baby dead, grief and horror every which way I look it this sickening sad story.

Your right giddy up it sure is a messed up world.

I’m glad I’m at the later end of my life. I’d give what’s left of mine if it would bring that little one back.

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She's calmly walking down the street with a bag that for all intense and purposes could be an old pair of shoes to be thrown out.

Life really has little meaning or value to some...

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A tragedy on so many levels, going through the pregnancy without support, giving birth in a toilet, disposing of the child in such a way, and now facing criminal charges.

Not even society wins in this situation, her life ruined forever.

Sad beyond belief.


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