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Recon of Hua Hin Virus Closure Order


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OK I just rode my scooter all over HH and I can tell you 99.9% of the bars are closed.


All massage closed.


Cicada Market and The Tamarind Night Market closed with huge signs confirming until end of month.

I saw four sad older tourists standing there like they had no idea what was happening. They looked really disappointed.


All restaurants are open.


One bar on Soi 80 that had the word cafe on its sign was open. That was it.

Many restaurants full of white tourists and HH snowbirds.


Baan Khun Por Food Market was open for take out. No live band, no music and seats turned up. 


I actual rode my scooter around Bintabaht. There was no one. I am handsome but no one was there to tell me.

London Bar, Panama Bar, you name, it is was closed. Bars near the Hilton closed.  Soi 88 94 same same. I did not get out to Soi 6.  


Yes I did see one bar open out of the bar areas but they were looking for the bib the whole time. 


no recon of hotels.  END OF RECON REPORT.

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Thanks. That's a comprehensive report on HH. I heard that Market Village is open reduced hours (10:30am to 8pm I think). Not sure about Bluport. 

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No idea why, but the bars and bar girls on Jedyod Road in Chiang Rai is business as usual. Night Bazaar is closed.

Perhaps it's one of the few thriving spots. Very few shoppers in Big C, my GF says many Thais here have no income.

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Cha Bar on slip Road from 94 - 102 has been open Thursday and Friday, as has the new Drink & Shelter opposite 7/11 at the top end of Soi 94.  Many restaurants taking the place of the bars and serving only alcohol, rather than with meals.  Makes a mockery of the whole thing and destroys the living of those bar owners who comply.  The authorities should shut the lot down.



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