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Domestic Fire Extinguishers

Here for the longhaul

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With prices as they are I just buy a new one and "retire" the old one to a less critical location (you can never have too many!).




Much more fun, get the family to practice putting out fires.


A Shallow tray of diesel is difficult to get going (use a blow lamp) and equally difficult to put out (add a smashed up pallet as a bonus re-start element - just when you thought it was out ... ). Obviously you need a safe space to practice.


Having a go in a safe environment and seeing how the device behaves (and just how quickly it runs out) is much better than learning "on the job" when your home may depend upon it!


The most fun we had as RN apprentices was to get to put out "proper" fires on a 3 day course at HMS Excellent on Whale Island (IIRC, it was a while back). How many of us know how to put out an oil fire with water? (fancy foams not permitted). Of course every (wet and cold) day ended in the mess with a bucket of assorted alcohol.


Rather more controlled and "safe" than I recall (mid 70's).



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