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Sensor Cleaning/Nikon Repair?


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Anybody needing sensor cleaning around Bangkok should check out "FotoFile" in Central Plaza (3rd fl)

 Bang Na.  Not only do they do an amazing job cleaning my camera sensor but the rest of the camera as well...and they do it ALL FOR FREE!!

I had a big blob of mildew on the sensor of an old Nikon D50.  I tried to clean it myself, using swabs bought on Lazada but I made it worse, causing major streaking.  I thought I'd ruined it but it's now clear and spotless.  Took him about 20 minutes.

I assume other FotoFile locations offer the same service but never verified it.



Can anybody recommend an independent Nikon repair person around Bangkok?  I have  Nikon D5100 that I got very cheaply but it has a intermittent shutter error I'd like to fix.  I went to Nikon service in Chong Nonsi but their repair quote was way more than the camera is worth.  I checked first with AV Camera but they seem to only be interested in repairing pro gear and sent me on to Nikon. 

There is apparently a camera repair shop in Thong Lo but they get terrible reviews on Google so I'll give them a pass.

Any suggestions welcome.


One more thing.  I bought a very inexpensive (B1400) AILITE 30 Litre humidity controlled camera storage cabinet from Lazada 4 months ago and it has worked flawlessly, maintaining proper humidity and temperature levels.

Pretty decent for the price.   Hopefully, won't have to deal with mildew issues again. 

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I got the “ERR” message on my Nikon LCD after getting caught in a downpour.  My camera was in the bag but got damp, so I took it to the Nikon Repair center at Chong Nonsi.


The nice lady took it into another room for 5 minutes, then came out and said it needed a new shutter, a new mirror, and new rubber housing.  She gave a repair estimate of 15,500, about what I could sell the camera used, so I declined.


Later I came to realize I had filled one of the memory cards and the camera failed to automatically switch to the other card.  I know this used to work, but this was the only thing that was wrong with the camera.


Now I swap the cards manually when I fill one up.

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