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Thoughts on starting a business in Hua Hin as a foreigner?


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13 hours ago, kimura89 said:

Thanks for all the replies and advice . I didn’t expect so many so I’m not going to address every single one individually.


My key takeaway is that whatever I’m planning is destined to fail and I shouldn’t bother, even pre COVID. Though to be honest - I spent a lot of time training in Thailand back in 2016/17. Back then there were 2 gyms both in BKK and I think 1 in Phuket, since that time I’ve been following the scene quite closely and there’s at least 5 new gyms that have opened spanning from BKK to CM and another in Phuket. The original gym I trained at has expanded and almost doubled in size.. They all seem to be prospering in terms of members at least before COVID hit (though who knows what the financials look like). I guess what I’m getting at is that the activity suggests there’s a market for Jiu Jitsu in Thailand, contrary to some of the comments. In fact it’s following the same pattern of growth almost from where I currently live and train, just about 10 years behind.


Not trying to sound defensive, just stating my own observations 🙂 the red tape, 4 worker minimum and whatnot I was already aware of most of it - the 51/49 split is probably the most concerning but it is what it is. I have a few contacts I made when I trained there so I may pick their brain about how they made a go of it.

If you knew exactly how to write a business plan, it would prove to beyond any reasonable doubt this idea is not feasible and will fail.


Believe what you want, Thailand will love to take your money and send you packing back home broke.

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