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First time it's happened.


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I just parked my truck in front of tesco I decide to quickly pop into the chemist as I entered into the Chemistry  my phone suddenly starting ring. It was  a number I haven't seen before. 075 450 505. I answered guickly trying to look important  in front the Chemist. A sexy sounding lady was saying hello Mr..... I said it's me... she sounded pleased to finally reach me with some exciting news. 

I replied yes what's up.... Babe... 


She said Its Air Asia calling your flight from Nakhon si Thammarat had been cancelled do you know that...... 


I waited until I left the chemist then hung up. 

Moral of the story lucky I didn't take the flight down there last week and got stranded with no ways back. 

When is the last time an airline has given you a courtesy call. 


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