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Conversion, is it possible??

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Hi All,


I entered Thailand on 4-2-20 on an Non Imm O-A visa, which expired on the 9-6-20. Was unable to exit/re-enter Thailand before expiry to get full 2nd year of Non Imm O-A visa because of Covid19 (borders closed). 
My PoS/90 day report expires on the 2-2-21

Is it possible for me to convert to an Non Imm O visa (90 days)?


If Yes to conversion, what are the requirements please? 


if No to conversion, can I apply for a Covid19 extension (60 days)?


If Yes to extension, do I need a reason and what are the requirements please?


If No to extension, are there any other options for me?, apart from leaving Thailand. 


Many thanks for helpful information. 

FYI i am in Udon Thani and will be going to immigration office there. 
Apologies if posted in wrong forum and if questions have been asked before. 

Extra information
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