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HELP! Cancel ED-Visa

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I recently went to immigration to extend my TR-visa,

but they denied my extension saying that there was an issue with my ED-visa from about 2 years ago.


They say that my old ED-visa was never cancelled and that they will not extend my current visa until I cancel my old ED-visa.


I never even knew I was supposed to cancel my old ED-visa, because it expired and I left the country at that time. 

I study everyday I was supposed to and never skip class.  


- Does anyone know if I will have to pay the 500 bath/day "overstay penalty charge", since I didn't cancel the ED-visa in the correct way?

(I left Thailand just before my ED-visa expired, so I didn't actually overstay)


- How does everyone know they are supposed to cancel ED-visa?

I never heard/read anything about that before, and my old school never told me anything about it... 


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I am sure you had an extension of stay based upon attending school not a valid non-ed visa.

Technically you should of canceled your extension before leaving the country but it is seldom enforced.

Perhaps ask your previous school for a letter stating your last day of studies was the day you left the country.

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