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Legally registered Cambodian workers

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My wife employs two legally registered Cambodian workers on her land.

She has been told that they are required to take Covid tests, at a cost of 7,000 Baht each person.

I am aware that unregistered workers are currently required to do this at the published price of 7,200 Baht.

However, I am dubious of the veracity of the information supplied to my wife, suspecting possible dubious goings on!

Can anyone please provide any actual confirmation of this, coupled, if possible with Thai documentation.


Many Thanks

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Think the covid 19 test is only for unregistered workers. If they are registered already they have healthcare coverage that should pay for the test if needed.

Perhaps have your wife check the labor ministry (https://www.mol.go.th/) or department of employment website (down a bit ago). I think she might be able to find info there.


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               Many thanks for your extremely prompt response.


               I am currently experiencing difficulty in getting beyond the opening page of this portal. Hopefully, perseverance will pay off.

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