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Covid extension requirements

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Can someone tell me exactly what is needed for a 60 day covid extension. 

I want to have everything prepared for tomorrow. 

What forms do I need? How many copies. Do I sign each page? How many photos. Do I need a tm30? 


Thanks so much

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If you make a booking they sometimes send out a confirmation with a link to google docs with the required forms.

Of course you need copies of all the relevant passport pages (photo page and last entry, and extension and TM6)




There is also one more form you can find in this forum in the post with all the documents. covid 19 statement.




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Thank you so much guys. 


Also would anybody have a copy of the affidavit form for covid extension? 


They say that we must have every document prepared this time as they so busy. 



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@ubonjoecsn you confirm if you need a photocopy of all your visa stamps in Thailand or just the ENTRY stamp and Latest stamp they gave you.


im pretty sure the last time they asked me for a photocopy of all my stamps, which given how many times we’ve had to extend since the start of 2020 this accumulates up to being a lot.


pretty sure before it was only the entry and latest stamps they wanted photocopied but also I think the woman at the desk just had really bad English so I ended up wasting an extra hour queuing for the photocopy machine.


ive also read somewhere that some people have been told some IO’s are saying the covid extensions will be extending again shortly - which I am guessing will allow us to start applying for them come the end of March > which then gives us 60 days towards May? — long gone are the days of these short term tourist visas I take it, it’s time to cash in every couple of months.



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First time when I applied for Covid extension in Phuket, I was asked to copy every stamp in my passport. When I went for my second extension, I went straight to copy shop and asked lady to copy every non-blank page of my passport, because I was lazy to check which stamps exactly do I need. Later volunteer checked all my copies and discarded irrelevant ones. For 13 copies I paid 26 baht.

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