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Renew 2 year License to 5 year. Pattaya Report February 2021


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I put this in the Pattaya forums but I thought it could help others out.


Renew 2 year License to 5 year. Pattaya Report 2021 February
Today I went to renew my drivers license for both car and motorcycle at Banglamung DLT. I didn't make any reservations beforehand and it was my first time coming here in 2 years.

Arrived at the DLT around 8:10 AM and there was a small line outside for foreigners. A lady outside will give you a queue number and you wait until your number is called. She will call out numbers 5 at a time. I was number 15 on the queue, so I got to go upstairs on the 3rd call.

After going upstairs I gave the lady my documents.

Here are the documents I gave her, she took them all and returned none:

1 Passport
2 x copies of passport info page
2x copies of my current extension stamp
2x copies of my TM7 arrival card
2x copies of my entry Visa
2x copies if my drivers license front and back (1 if car license and the other of motorcycle license)
1x hard copy resident certificate from immigration + 1 color photocopy of it
1x hard copy medical certificate + 1 color photo copy of it

After I handed her the documents, she handed me a black queue card. I was number 8 in the queue. 
I had to sit down and wait by counter 14 where they give you a color blind test, brake reaction test, and the 2 sticks test. 

I waited about 10 minutes for the Thai group to do their test and I was the 2nd foreigner group to get tested. Our test began at about 9:30. 

After the test, I waited for another 10 minutes for my queue number to be called out (the man testing you takes your queue card so remember your number), he will then hand you your passport along with some documents to sign. You then go to counter 2 to pay. I paid 760 baht (or 740, i forget). 2 minutes after that I got my photo taken and then after another 5 minutes was out of there with my brand new 5 year license.

This is the most recent info at Banglamung DLT as of February 5 2021.


Hope this helps.

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