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Is there any risks for false accusations


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situations with in the negative approach of Thais to foreigners, or which for some periods that if it even happens, If false accusations from Thai people come toward you even if it includes the police, is there a way to dodge it out and avoid it. Just as also being in contact with the Rights and anti-corruption department ministry of UNITED NATIONS Thailand, taking in note this kind of proclamations from random thai people attacking foreingners Personal Rights.

Cause what you think about it? even there was this Male Person around Thailand that he really was avoidable of all of those abominational and strange diffrent women here, which never wanted anything to do with, but he somehow encountered himself in the situation where he was passing by and got fed up and upset with the same women here stalking him at times in the area located.

Which he after all blew up a bit and just reminded her and some to stay away and don't ever look at him, and if she could "F.... off!"

So im not sure with who she really was but somehow, with how incredibly stupid it could be apparently she made a File claim complaint to the Police

and obviously a false accusations.

*My question is, is there many ways for any foreigner to stand out and dodge all of this nonsence insignificant retarded situations that can follow around of any of us, or is the police some kind of Scape goat for all of the excuses of random Stalker Female in Thailand, its just wierd*   Does being in touch with U.N department is a good desicion to be with?


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