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Import/Duty on household and personal goods with a work permit

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Hi all,
I am waiting for the finalisation of my non-b visa for working in education and I am posting in this group to gain some information/pick peoples brains about importing household and personal goods with a work permit and how import/duty works for this specifically related to music instruments/equipment.
I am importing roughly 2cubic meters LCL with Asian Tigers - I am wanting to bring some music instruments/equipment with me, non of the equipment is new, it ranges from 4-30 years in age and I'd probably say makes up just about half of the shipment.

I found out some information online and have also posed these questions to Asian Tigers but wondered if anyone on this forum had experience in this they were willing to pass along.
Here is the info I found - 

Foreigners holding a one-year nonimmigrant B (business) visa with a valid one-year work permit at the time shipment arrives at port.

Where this says 'nonimmigrant B (business)' - do I fall under this category as I'll hold a non-b, this specifically states business, I will be working at a school, which isn't business. I am wondering as such because If I don't fall in to this category then will I be subject to duty & taxes on all my items?


Note: Toys, baby items, PC games, toiletries, cosmetics, washing liquid & powder, foodstuff, alcohol, office items including files, bicycle, exercise equipment, sport equipment, musical instrument, medical items, i.e. blood pressure monitor, electric chair, golf set ARE DUTIABLE and will not be considered for duty exemption. Especially sending via airfreight.
This part got my attention mostly because of 'musical instrument' part as obviously a chunk of my shipment is music equipment.

Of course my questions are redundant If, like I had also read, I have Duty free entry for used personal effects and household goods with a valid work permit.

Any additional information would be helpful in anything about import/duty.


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4 minutes ago, YT3k72Em said:

A non-b is the abbreviation for nonimmigrant B (business). So no problem. If you are working, immigration considers it "business" as compared to travel or retirement.


By 'no problem' do you mean that I will not be liable to pay duty/import tax of any kind related to my questions above?

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17 minutes ago, YT3k72Em said:

From what you posted above you need the work permit at time of shipment.  I would ask the freight forwarder to check with their customs agent for advice.

This is required only when it arrives at the port in Thailand.

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