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YETI 24 Xtreme Run Challenge at Palapon – Fitness and Weight Loss Camp – 27th to 28th March 2021

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YETI 24 Xtreme Run Challenge at Palapon – Fitness and Weight Loss Camp – 27th to 28th March 2021




GET READY for the YETI 24 Xtreme Run Challenge of a Lifetime!


The Yeti 24 Xtreme Run Challenge is a local community fundraising event to Run 8 kilometers, every 4 hours, for 24 hours!
Fastest time to complete the Challenge WINS 10,000 BAHT! kindly donated by our sponsors at X Body Food.
Everyone can take part, it’s much more of a mental challenge than a physical one. You can either walk or run the 8km, every 4 hours for 24 hours. This is a total of 6 runs and 48km.


>> WHEN: 27th March 2021

>> WHERE: Palapon Weight Loss Camp & Fitness Retreat in Khao Takiab
Palapon is proud to organize and host the YETI 24 Xtreme Run Challenge and will be providing all runners with the specialist sports nutrition from X Body Food, volunteers to accompany, motivate & support the runners, private rest areas to relax in-between runs, physiotherapy, blister care, laundry and more.

>> WHY?
Many of us have been heartbroken to have events cancelled and gyms closed and try by any means to stay motivated and engaged. Finally, we can all get together and do something meaningful to support the local Thai community children. Test your abilities, push your limits and focus your mind. You can do this!

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to take advantage of the VIP support service from Palapon, with specialist Sports Nutrition from X Body Food that will make this challenge much easier than if you were trying to do it alone. In between runs you can simply relax, take a dip in our pool, nap in a private bungalow, replenishing your energy with our specialist food & drink whilst we take care of you with ice packs, blister care and massage therapy.


However, as this is a local community fundraising event, all we ask is for each runner to raise at least 2,500 baht in sponsorship to help support the children of Khao Takiab Government School.


1. Please register as ‘Going’ on the Event and join the YET24 facebook group for all the latest updates. https://www.facebook.com/groups/yeti24


2. Message Palapon on Facebook, or send an email with your contact details to [email protected] stating you want to register as a runner.


3. For your personal safety, the number of runners is LIMITED, so please ensure you confirm your registration early to avoid disappointment.


We will confirm your registration as a runner and contact you to discuss your dietary requirements for YETI 24.


Palapon have carefully selected the 8km routes for optimal safety, 1 for the daytime runs and 1 for the night time runs. All runners will be accompanied by our volunteers, so you’re fully supported all the way!

Run Schedule – Starting at Palapon:
Run 1 – 10:00am
Run 2 – 2:00pm
Run 3 – 6:00pm
Run 4 – 10:00pm
Run 5 – 2:00am
Run 6 – 6:00am

Runners should aim to be at Palapon for 8:30am on Saturday 27th February to enjoy a light breakfast and prepare for the challenge. Klaus will guide all runners through some warm up stretching exercises before you start the challenge. Everyone runs together, whilst remaining at a safe distance from each other. Start and finish line is in front of Palapon.


Most people don’t have 6 sets of running clothes, so don’t worry, all you need is 2, we will wash and dry your clothes whilst you’re resting.


VOLUNTEER! It will be FUN!
If you would like to be a member of the Volunteer Team for YETI 24, please message Palapon on facebook, or send an email to [email protected] stating you are interested in volunteering and we will get back to you.


All donations and sponsorship received go directly to supporting the local Thai children in Khao Takiab. We hope to raise enough money to buy new school uniforms, shoes and bags for all the children whose families cannot afford them. So please consider giving to the children, even if you’re not sponsoring a runner.

Klaus Lippert at Palapon is collecting all donations, you can visit Palapon during opening hours to make a donation in person, or you can send via Prompt Pay, please ask for QR code.


>> Thank you for your support and we look forward to seeing you all on SATURDAY 27th FEBRUARY!

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