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Keeping It Real Chronicles: I 🚬

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The most positive thing about working in a Thai school was working with some of the nicest people I've ever met.   Not only were most of them colleagues but many are life-long friends.  I also had the opportunity to teach some amazing students.  Some have really managed to go a long way and have stellar careers, but even some of the sort of 'lost causes' have managed to pull themselves up and make a decent life for themselves.  I am also very good friends with many of those who have careers of their own.  

The most negative thing was, well, it was a Thai school!!


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For me, I always enjoyed being able to swim when I was not teaching and/or go jogging.


As far as negative, having a lazy staff member handling the work permit.


No cliches here! Of course, it's a Thai school..👍

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