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Looking for an Android app to replace audio at a video


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The problem - I (legally) download movies that were shown on TV. These videos have stereo sound. In addition I can download an AC-3 audio file with the surround sound. Now I have to replace the stereo sound by the surround sound. In Windows I use for this the software Avidemux. But I download all these files with the Android tablet and so I want to do this directly on the tablet and not copy them to the PC for further processing. 


For Android I found this app 




At first it seemed to work great until I discovered that it skips some frames. If a car drives for instance in the video then you can see the jumps. You can see this problem whenever something moves faster. So I cannot use this app but I didn't find any other app. Does anybody know an app that works? Again - I want to replace the existing sound with AC-3 and not for instance with mp3. For this I found apps. 

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