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In the capital of Vientiane, students face difficulties with online learning.

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Many schools and students in Vientiane Capital have admitted that they have difficulty accessing or using online learning facilities.


According to KPL, public schools in Vientiane Capital have found it difficult to transition to online education due to low internet penetration and budget constraints.


Mr. Somphone Sonedara, Deputy Director of the Vientiane Capital Department of Education and Sports, says that due to the community spread of Covid-19, authorities were unable to reopen schools with in-person classrooms, with online learning beginning at the start of the new academic year.


“While teachers were well prepared for the new academic year, many schools are having trouble with online learning systems due to a lack of funding to support the necessary infrastructure,” said Deputy Director Somphone.

Mr. Somphone Sonedara stated, "The greatest obstacle facing teachers and students is low internet penetration in some parts of the capital, as well as insufficient education equipment, with many students unable to afford smartphones or laptops."


According to the Department of Education, the quality of online learning may be lower than that of in-person learning as a result of these issues.


Mr. Somphone continued, "Authorities are now gathering data on how online learning is being implemented in Vientiane Capital and will try to develop a better long-term solution."


Teachers and students in private schools have been less affected by the shift to online learning, with online conferencing tools like Zoom being used by teachers and students.


On September 6, the Lao Ministry of Education and Sports has scheduled the reopening of schools across the country, including in Vientiane Capital.


Teachers and workers of general education institutions, as well as students, can watch the "Edu-Sport TV online" channel on Facebook and on the ESTV's LaoSAT channel.

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