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Have your holidays but get tested for COVID-19 before you resume work after Pchum Ben Break


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Ministries-institutions and private sector, especially factories-enterprises and businesses with a lot of staff as well as educational institutions have been encouraged to conduct rapid testing for COVID-19 among their workers-employees and staff after the Pchum Ben holiday.


The encouragement was made in a government’s directive made public this afternoon, explaining that the measure was meant to prevent possible spread of COVID-19, mainly the fast-spreading Delta variant when Cambodia is moving toward the country’s reopening in all domains. The directive also called for the enforcement of the health safety rules particularly the “3 Don’ts, 3 Dos” as well as the necessary administrative and legal measures.


At the same time, tourism safety measures and minimum Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) for tourism services-related businesses guided by the Ministry of Tourism must be tightened, it added. Moreover, the directive urged all citizens to fully comply with the health safety rules and respect the administrative and legal measures aiming to protect their own safety as well as that of their family members from COVID-19.


read more https://www.khmertimeskh.com/50946242/have-your-holidays-but-get-tested-for-covid-19-before-you-resume-work-after-pchum-ben-break/

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