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Pre-Flight Covid Testing Requirements Questions

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We have our visas and COE's, and are flying out of Seattle on Delta Airlines. I have been looking at options for the pre-flight Covid Tests and am wondering what people who have been through this already have experienced?       #1- I am especially wondering about the "certified" part? We live in a rural area and will have to drive a couple of hours one way to get to get a PCR Certified Test.          #2- Are there actually two requirements? One for the airlines and one for Thailand? Delta Airlines indicates that travel to Thailand requires either a negative Covid test, or a certificate of full vaccination, but the Thai Embassy only lists one option, the covid test.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                

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Only thing needed is the actual RT-PCR test result report which indicates "Not Detected".  Absolutely ensure the report is within the 72 hour departure flight time window.  Do not be confused by the word "certificate". The Fit to Fly Certificate is no longer required.  I flew back to BKK from LAX 10 days ago with a COE issued by the LA Consulate. The only document the Airline(ANA) really scrutinized was the Health Insurance Policy documents.  The key term they were focusing in on was "3.5 Million Coverage for Covid 19".  I did not have an issue because I had an endorsement letter from Pacific Cross that clearly stated this along with the actual policy. 


The Delta Airlines vaccination requirement might be for domestic flights? 




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