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WHO backs reopenings: Cambodia rep says new normal possible if adopted safely


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WHO in Cambodia has requested the Ministry of Health to consider reopening all sectors, especially businesses in the Kingdom, after observing a sustainable and well-managed response to the Covid-19 pandemic. World Health Organization Representative to Cambodia Dr Li Ailan told Khmer Times yesterday that Safe & Sustainable reopening is possible, if well managed.


“We need to apply a good risk management approach in all the sectors, especially the business sector for business reopening. Individuals need to make right choices on Covid-19 measures. Implementation & Monitoring are key,” Dr Ailan said. “We have indeed learned some lessons to realise the  safe-reopening ambition,” she added.


She cautioned however, that if reopening is rushed without good planning and risk management in place, cases will surge, hospitals are highly likely to become overwhelmed and businesses may close again. “I think that it is the right time to consider reopening the economy and our society safely and responsibly. The current Covid-19 response strategies need to be adjusted towards the New Normal and relevant policies must support all sectors to invest in balanced, risk-based public health and social measures,” she said.


read more https://www.khmertimeskh.com/50948997/who-backs-reopenings-cambodia-rep-says-new-normal-possible-if-adopted-safely/


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