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Mystery surrounds Siem Reap’s ‘bargain-​ basement five star hotels’


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Mystery surrounds three Siem Reap hotels listed among the world’s ten cheapest five-star hotels by a prestigious US travel magazine. The three hotels – Grand Venus La Residence, Grand Elysee La Residence, and the 15-rooms Angkor Aurora – were number eight, nine, and ten respectively on a list titled, “These 10 Five-star Hotels around the World Cost Less Than $40 Per Night.”


The three hotels all quoted a room night price of $39,  and the list was published by the monthly New York-based Travel + Leisure magazine  on September 30  and the publication noted that each hotel featured, “Has been independently selected and reviewed by our editorial team.” How the magazine found the three small and relatively obscure hotels that are scattered throughout Siem Reap  is also a bit of a mystery.


But the real mystery is how these hotels provide five-star service at such amazingly low rates, a mystery that confounds Siem Reap’s hotel experts, and as one hotel owner said, “Something is amiss – at $39 a night these hotels cannot be five stars.” But Samreth Narong aka Johnny, the managing director of the managing organization Odomreach Enterprise which oversees the hotels and provides some centralised expertise and facilities, disagrees.


read more https://www.khmertimeskh.com/50951604/siem-reaps-bargain-basement-five-star-hotels/

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