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The Ministry of Education has announced that all educational institutions in the country will open in November.


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On October 21, 2021, the Ministry of Education, Youth, and Sports released a directive announcing the reopening of all public and private educational institutions at all levels beginning November 1, 2021.

Although the decision allows for the widespread reopening of all types of educational institutions across the country, the in-person restriction on teachers over 50 and those who have not been vaccinated remains in place.


The following is an unofficial translation of the directive's main points:


The Ministry found the following after examining the teaching and learning process in public and private educational institutions in low-risk areas:

1) Roughly 30% of educational institutions have begun to operate in compliance with the recommendations.

2) Involvement of all stakeholders to ensure a safe and thorough educational process

3) Since the educational institution's launch, we've been able to test and find favorable COVID-19 in both the teaching staff and a small group of students.

4) Positive COVID-19 cases on instructors and students in the 7 days leading up to Pchum Ben and the 7 days following Pchum Ben were few and manageable. COVID-19 vaccination was given to parents, guardians, instructors, and kids in high doses.


Moving towards a new regular education procedure in the context of COVID-19 will commence on November 1, 2021, based on this.

For public and private educational institutions at all levels, the Ministry will broaden the scope of teaching and learning in colleges. In every province.


Extending from ninth and twelfth grades to all secondary levels, as well as primary, public and private higher education institutions, National Institutes of Education, Institutes of Technology, Teacher Training Institutions, Special Education Institutions, practical schools and high schools, general education and technical education, in strict compliance with applicable health standards, is part of the expansion.


Teachers over 50 should consider teaching online or distributing worksheets.

Teachers who have not been vaccinated against COVID-19 are not permitted to teach in schools and are encouraged to get vaccinated at Ministry of Health-approved facilities.


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