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How Many of You have Had Sex with your Landlady in exchange for lowering your rent, each month?

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Some might think that degrading oneself to this extent, selling one's body in order to lower one's rent, might be beneath them.


However, trading your body for a discount on your rent is not a bad idea.


I am sure that I am not the only one.


Some landladies can be pretty HOT, even though they might, at first, seem either ugly, fat, or unappetising.


Once you get going, this can be a very good deal.


After awhile, you forget what they look like.  And, you will receive many good perks.


This does not mean that you are selling your body.


Instead, what you are really doing is something that a psychoanalyst might do.


You are healing your landlady, sexually.

And, in providing this service, then you deserve a rent discount.


Marvin Gaye used to do this.


WAKE UP, and try it, if you want a rent discount.



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