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Can anyone please provide information on a few topics related to Pranburi. This will be our first visit there so we have a number of general questions:

-Transportation options from Bangkok for two adults

-Recommendations for interesting areas/neighborhoods where there are enough restaurants and shops where we could enjoy our time without a car

-Hotel or other accommodation recommendations


We are looking to travel this Sunday, November 21 and plan to stay approximately one week. We have a lot of flexibility. What we would like to avoid if possible is a situation similar to Phuket where we were at a lovely resort in the middle of nowhere and were dependent on long taxi rides to take us anywhere. 

We have been doing general Internet research but are not finding much information about Pranburi out there. Thanks for any suggestions and advice. 


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If you go to google maps , street view , you can actually see what it looks like there and ' cyber walk' around the town so as to get a feel for the place. Google maps also shows hotels and restaurants. What you want to avoid , as you say , is a nice place in the middle of nowhere.


You also need to tell us what you are looking to spend for your accommodation and what facilities you expect.

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