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Thailand to produce only B7 diesel fuel until next March to reduce diesel prices

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Thailand’s Energy Policy and Planning office (EPPO) decided today (Wednesday) to instruct oil refineries to produce just one type of diesel fuel (B7), from December until next March, to lower the price to around 28 baht/litre, and oil traders to maintain the marketing fee at 1.40 baht/litre. The measures are to ease the impact on truck operators as oil prices rise globally.


EPPO Director-General Wattanapong Kurovat, said today that the committee, chaired by Energy Minister Supattanapong Punmeechaow, also decided the retail price at pump will remain at no more than 30 baht/litre.


B7 diesel fuel is mixed with only 7% bio-diesel or palm oil. Currently, there are three types of diesel fuel, B7, B10 and B20, but B7 is the most popular among truckers.


Full Story: https://www.thaipbsworld.com/thailand-to-produce-only-b7-diesel-fuel-until-next-march-to-reduce-diesel-prices/


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The little independent retailers which offered a price advantage is now being squeezed !! No doubt much to the joy of the likes of PTT who totally dominates the market !! 

Also constantly trying to take out Esso and Shell ...Sesco already gone !!

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2 hours ago, RmcaIssan said:

Also constantly trying to take out Esso and Shell ...Sesco already gone !!

Susco taken over by Esso (at least in our region).


20 minutes ago, DJ54 said:

Have a 5 year old diesel MUX will B7 change performance? Only fuel station in town PTT.. Thanks

Change compared  to what?.

B7 is the "best" you get since long. Least content of biofuel (palm oil).

Also B7 seems standard in other countries.

The question would be "will it perform on B10 or B20".

Postponed for now.

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Quite a lot of confusion created.

A while ago PTT changed the labels for their Diesel fuel, so that "Diesel" stood for B10(!).

B7 and B20 were labeled explicitely.

If you want to be safe always ask for B7 (if others still available?).

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