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Thirty Bangkok police raid restaurant/bar area for allowing drinking after 9 pm - two shops nailed

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Picture: Daily News


A 30 strong contingent of Pathumwan police headed by station chief Pol Col Phansa Amaraphitak went to the Groove area of Central World where they found two shops allowing after hours drinking. 


Phansa said that his men found beer still on the table after 9 pm and the managers of the shops were being prosecuted for falling foul of the emergency decree and governor's rules. 



Picture: Daily News


Both shops were on the first floor of the restaurant/bar area that has 12 establishments.


The others had shut for the night, reported Daily News.


The owners of the restaurants breaking the rules would also be investigated for perhaps letting this  happen. 


Phansa said that it would take three days to investigate after a clip emerged earlier in the same area.


Daily News referred to this as the "Siri" clip without further explanation. 



Picture: Daily News


Elsewhere Thai media reported that there were rumors earlier that people had tested positive for Covid in the Groove area, and that Central World were quick to check out and then report that it was not true. 


Testing with ATK kits had confirmed this. 


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1 hour ago, richard_smith237 said:

This needed to happen.... 


After playing football last week in a busy tournament, we went to very busy central world, into the Apple Shop which was crowded...  then we went to Groove for something to eat...


I was disgusted that some people had the audacity to have a beer with their food and even hung around after to carry on sitting at the same table, not with water, but with beer....  


.... I mean, don’t they know the danger they were putting themselves in by drinking beer in the same place as those who’d been engaging in physical activity in groups and hanging out in busy shopping malls ?


Well done the Police on protecting those who are having a beer from those of us less careful.... 




richard_smith for P M

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18 minutes ago, shackleton said:

There has to be bar owners with more money than sense to keep serving alcohol  knowing they  could be  checked on any time or some one tipping off the authorities 

The is no mention that they were serving, only that people had beer on their table.

Phansa said that his men found beer still on the table after 9 pm

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9 hours ago, yogi yogi said:

what are rules in phuket i see alot of old timers drinking at outdoor bars after 9pm.  should i report them ?  

Legally 11 p.m. in Phuket, but there are still places that are open until 1 a.m.

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9 hours ago, BritManToo said:

Maybe they have nothing left to lose?

Exactly. It would be something to see if every single establishment - restaurant, bar, etc. - just shut the doors, stopped paying rent, and went home. Let's see how much the landlords like the absurd policies being enforced.

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On 11/25/2021 at 9:54 AM, Thaiwrath said:

Really, who would want to come here !

Absolutely pathetic !

if I was the tourist minister in a country that competes with thailand for tourist, I would be plastering this info across the internet and to travel agents

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