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Roundtrip ticket for Non-O?

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Anyone have recent experience using the new online visa application process?  Below is a cut/paste from the Thai Embassy Washington, DC for required documents needed to upload in the system:

2.4 Proof of a round trip flight confirmation/reservation showing going from US to Thailand


I'm planning on getting a Non-O then, once in Thailand,  apply for an extension based on marriage.  


My question, does anyone know if a roundtrip ticket is needed (US-Thailand-US), or will they accept a one way ticket (US to Thailand) and a one way ticket (Thailand to anywhere).  Thanks in advance

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I've just applied through the Thai embassy in London and got approved the following day, for a Non-O visa. I wasn't asked to supply a round ticket but I bought one anyway to be on the safe side. I also plan to extend once there. Not sure whether or not you can buy an ongoing flight to another country though.

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3 hours ago, howlee101 said:

Edward Abbott, so what did you upload to "4. Travel booking confirmation".....not asking for your personal information

He said he had a one way ticket and he probably used that for the application.

A return or onward ticket is not required.

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