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Phuket marks 133 new COVID cases, no new deaths


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Image: PPHO


PHUKET: The latest Phuket Provincial Public Health Office (PPHO) daily COVID situation report has marked 133 new local infections confirmed across the island yesterday (Nov 28) bringing the total number of people recognised as infected with COVID-19 in Phuket since Apr 3 to 17,615.


The PPHO report for Nov 28, marked as accurate as of 8pm last night, was posted online at 12:38am.

The report marked six new infections among Sandbox tourist arrivals, but no new infections among Test & Go tourists and no new infections among other international arrivals from abroad.


The report marked no new deaths attributed to COVID-19, leaving the total number of deaths in Phuket attributed to COVID-19 since Apr 3 at 137. After 55 COVID deaths in September, officials marked 44 deaths in October and so far 18 deaths this month.


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Full story: https://www.thephuketnews.com/phuket-marks-133-new-covid-cases-no-new-deaths-82195.php



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5 hours ago, WinnieTheKhwai said:

That's significantly higher mortality than Chiang Mai for example.. I wonder why that is. 

Many that Covid-19 would have been fatal for had previously succumbed to haze in the air? That's my first best guess.  Covid-19 was late to the table for many in Chiang Mai.

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