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Divorce process when married to Thai/UK national, living in the UK


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Hi I am looking for some advice or if anyone has experienced anything similar in the past. I currently have an appointment book with a solicitor in the UK for next week, but I am look for advise to try to get ahead of the process as much as possible.


I am currently married to a Thai national/UK national, for 11 years. We got married in Thailand in 2010 and since then she has been living in the UK, and over the years she’s have become a UK citizen.


We have a house in the UK, along with a business and land in Thailand along with a small daughter.


With this in mind I am trying to understand what would be the best process (legally) to divided up our assets. The most simple way for me in my mind would be to keep the house in the UK, and look to sell some of the assets in Thailand for a clean break. Although my main concern at the moment is for my daughter, she was born in the UK and has so far (due to covid) never been to Thailand. With this in mind I would be looking to keep custody of her for myself in the UK and alone we are looking to keep things as civil and amicable as possible would be looking to keep in her in the UK though-out the process. I am currently working full time in the UK, whereas my wife is currently unemployed.


Also given that we had assets in both the UK and Thailand, would we need to seek legal advice in both countries to ensure fair/equal distribution of asses or for example could this all be done legal in the UK


Thank you

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