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Video: Krabi snakecatchers find four meter python stuck in motorcycle spokes


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Picture: 77kaoded


A video on the news site of 77kaoded showed the actions of a Miracle of Life team in the Neua Klong area of Krabi in southern Thailand.


The snakecatchers were called after a house owner found a long python had got stuck in the spokes of his motorcycle. 


The head of the serpent had got through but as it slithered and wriggled to try and extricate itself it just got more stuck.


After a ten minute operation with a noose on the end of a pole the four meter long, 30 kilogram snake was bagged and taken away to "return to nature".


It had taken seven men to hold it for the camera. 


The rescue team said that it appeared that the snake had been after a pet then got stuck as it fled the scene. 


The media said the numbers related to the event - including the plate of the motorcycle - would be used to inform possible lottery winnings. 


A snake's unexpected appearance in Thailand is seen as an omen, notes ASEAN NOW.


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